Social Media: Rules of Thumb

The social media world is vast, messy and confusing at times. This infographic by Fast Company provides some great rules of thumb for users of social media to make the content more manageable and relevant. Some of these I agree with, some not so much; either way, it’s good food for thought. One that I find questionable is, “Forget individuals, you’re creating content that encourages groups to form.” It may be true that you want to create content that brings people together, however, I think paying attention to individuals is what creates lasting relationships and customer loyalty. People (consumers) like feeling special and like they matter, so I would keep individuals in mind as well.

Fast Company magazine compiled these rules from various experts in the field, and you can submit your own rule here!

It’s imperative to master the art of social media in the digital promotion management world. Whether you follow these rules or compile your own, consistency and professionalism are key components to having a successful online presence.



YouTube’s Creator Playbook

Youtube has a Creator Playbook guide available on their site here and also available for download as PDF here. This is a great free reference to help you build your audience on Youtube.

 We’re excited to provide our partners with a great resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube. We hope that you find the information helpful to your creative process, and we hope to help you take your channel to the next level.

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I thought this was a great infographic to show the importance of Youtube as a search engine with 1 billion unique visitors a month, and 1 out of every 2 internet users on Youtube.




4 Countries That Influence Modern Popular Music

An important part of digital promotion management is promoting yourself and your work. My beat for Colorado State’s online culture magazine, Culturs, is music. My first article was published yesterday on, titled, “4 Countries That Influence Modern Popular Music.” It outlines how the music from countries, Jamaica, India, South Africa, and Iceland, influence the music we currently listen to. The styles of music from those countries is very unique and multicultural. In the US, we don’t realize how much of a melting pot our culture and musical tastes really are. It’s important to be aware of our cultural influences and embrace them. I hope my article can provide insight to my readers about some of these cultural influences present in our modern day musical tastes.

Here’s a video of international South African rap sensation, Die Antwoord, who is known for their outrageous persona and stage presence.


The Video Marketing Guide has a great guide for marketing yourself via multiple video outlets including VineInstagram, Youtube, Vimeo and Google Hangouts. This easy to follow guide highlights quick tips and pros and cons of each outlet and can be found HERE. is a great resource to build your own app, landing page, forms, with 100% customization, and real-time analytics available to gauge how successful your app and/or webpage is.





These are just a few outlets to help promote your brand and engage your audience. There are so many others including: Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Yelp, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The article, “The Ten Essential Basics of Running A Successful Digital Promo” is a great place to start and make sure to check out “Ten Things NOT to do When Running a Social Media Contest.” These articles are from, a leader in customer engagement software and solutions.

Which ones do you use or have you used? Which sites are the most valuable for your company?