Social Media: Rules of Thumb

The social media world is vast, messy and confusing at times. This infographic by Fast Company provides some great rules of thumb for users of social media to make the content more manageable and relevant. Some of these I agree with, some not so much; either way, it’s good food for thought. One that I find questionable is, “Forget individuals, you’re creating content that encourages groups to form.” It may be true that you want to create content that brings people together, however, I think paying attention to individuals is what creates lasting relationships and customer loyalty. People (consumers) like feeling special and like they matter, so I would keep individuals in mind as well.

Fast Company magazine compiled these rules from various experts in the field, and you can submit your own rule here!

It’s imperative to master the art of social media in the digital promotion management world. Whether you follow these rules or compile your own, consistency and professionalism are key components to having a successful online presence.



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