How to Promote Yourself Online

Many millennials are struggling with the topic of how to promote themselves online. Seeing as we are in the digital age and most kids these days grew up on social media, it becomes increasingly hard to separate one’s social life from one’s professional life. However, it is imperative to be choosy about the content you are posting and/or promoting because it reflects on you, and we should all know by now that the Internet is forever. Everything you post becomes a crucial piece to your online identity, i.e. creating and promoting your brand.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

I found a few good articles about how to properly network and promote yourself online.

Forbes has a great article on “How to Network Like a Pro Online,” which outlines various social media sites and how to take advantage of them, professionally. Remember, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, so I suggest getting a head start on your networking.

Want to know how to promote yourself without promoting yourself?  Self-made freelancer, Leah, suggests sharing a story, being of service, ask for feedback and BE GENUINE. We could all use a little more authenticity, right?

If you are feeling overwhelmed while editing your social media presence, don’t fret because here’s a guide to help you.

Here’s another article I found helpful about “Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint.” The #5 on their list should be obvious, but not enough people do it…”Think before you post!”

I hope my post guides you to some helpful resources and helps you make the right steps to become a desirable employee or self-made success story. 🙂



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