How to Use Social Networks for Personal Branding: Infographic

With my recent discovery of photoshop/illustrator and various infographic creator programs, you have probably noticed that I’m a big fan of infographics. I’ve always been a visual learner, and it is well known that most people absorb more information, faster with visual aids (graphs, pictures, and graphics!) This is why infographics have become such a powerful marketing tool in recent years. Below is an easy to follow infographic that outlines “How to Use Social Networks to Grow Your Personal Brand Online.”


Although most avid internet-users know the basics about these social networking sites by now, this is great for beginners or people who need some clarification. In an ever-changing technology age, it is becoming increasingly harder to keep up. I have a hard enough time as it is, so I can only imagine how it would be if I didn’t grow up on the computer. This one is for the Baby Boomers and Gen Xs. As for Gen Z…. that’s another story for another day. And if you’re like me, a Millenial  who thought she/he knew it all, think again.

As for the person who made this comparison chart… I’m going to have to disagree on a couple of these…



It’s interesting to see how Generation Y and Z are compared and contrasted. I’m coming to the realization that a few years can make a world of difference…


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