How to Use Social Networks for Personal Branding: Infographic

With my recent discovery of photoshop/illustrator and various infographic creator programs, you have probably noticed that I’m a big fan of infographics. I’ve always been a visual learner, and it is well known that most people absorb more information, faster with visual aids (graphs, pictures, and graphics!) This is why infographics have become such a powerful marketing tool in recent years. Below is an easy to follow infographic that outlines “How to Use Social Networks to Grow Your Personal Brand Online.”


Although most avid internet-users know the basics about these social networking sites by now, this is great for beginners or people who need some clarification. In an ever-changing technology age, it is becoming increasingly harder to keep up. I have a hard enough time as it is, so I can only imagine how it would be if I didn’t grow up on the computer. This one is for the Baby Boomers and Gen Xs. As for Gen Z…. that’s another story for another day. And if you’re like me, a Millenial  who thought she/he knew it all, think again.

As for the person who made this comparison chart… I’m going to have to disagree on a couple of these…



It’s interesting to see how Generation Y and Z are compared and contrasted. I’m coming to the realization that a few years can make a world of difference…


Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day

Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day and Plant Something!

Earth day is as good of a day as any to honor our mother earth and plant something to give back. She so graciously provides for us 365 days out of the year, what’s one day of reverence, right?! I like this infographic, below, as a basic guide to planting your own square-foot-garden for only $50. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of space or money to utilize a system like this. AND it only takes about two months to see the fruits of your labor. That’s not a lot of time to wait for your very own delicious, homegrown, non-GMO herbs, fruits and veggies! I encourage you to get your ‘garden plan’ together ASAP and work towards a more sustainable life for you and your family. 120430Gardening2

It’s also important to check out the pros and cons of raised garden beds to see if it’s the best option for you and your environment, climate, elevation, etc.

Another simple thing you can do to live more sustainably is to compost. It’s so easy and a great way to produce less trash, help your ecosystem and create rich soil for planting. I just started doing it this past year and don’t know why I waited so long! I guess I thought it was going to be more labor intensive, but it’s really nice to get outside and put your shovel in the dirt every now and then. is a helpful resource to help you live a greener lifestyle. They have an exceptional, easy to follow composting guide that walks you through the benefits, what to compost and how.

There are guides on topics like raised garden beds, non-toxic home cleaning, natural pesticides alternative, natural home cooling, protect your seedlings during transplant, where to buy organic seeds, and so much more.

Another highly-rated seed source, recommended by my friend who grows over 5 million clean seed stock plants a year, is Baker Creek because they have heirloom varieties and test their seeds. Heirloom are naturally selected varieties of plants, so they haven’t been modified at all and are arguably even better than organic varieties.  You can shop their seeds here.

I also like this little guide to fruits and vegetables you can plant at the same time and they will keep coming back, year after year. Sometimes it’s somewhat challenging to have outdoor plants survive year-round in Colorado, but it’s worth a try.

My next project is going to be to grow an avocado tree from the pit, which is outlined here for all you fellow avo-enthusiasts. However, be forewarned that it can take up to 20 years to see the fruition of an avocado tree, but I think it’s worth the wait!

I hope you take time on Earth Day to, at the very least, enjoy the outdoors. Ride a bike, feel the sun grace your face and the wind on your cheeks, and count all the little blessings that this Earth provides for you, cost free. 😀


My Instrument Infographic

I made my own instrument infographic for CSU’s Multicultural online magazine,

From Culturs:

In the 21st century, assessing someone’s background from outward appearance isn’t enough — hidden diversity means people increasingly bring more to the table than meets the eye. Whether through travel, nationality, race or ethnicity, many of us straddle culture in one way or another.

CULTURS global multicultural magazine intends to celebrate the unique perspectives of such people.  Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids, and racially-blended and culturally-blended people can read lifestyle articles and research from their point of view.  One that shows a new-world order — a new normal that affects not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

Check out the articles that are written mostly by my fellow students at!

I included string instruments from Spain, Great Britain, China, India, South America and West Africa.FINALInstrumentInfographicEdits


updated infographic: 3/6/15