4 Countries That Influence Modern Popular Music

An important part of digital promotion management is promoting yourself and your work. My beat for Colorado State’s online culture magazine, Culturs, is music. My first article was published yesterday on Culturs.guru, titled, “4 Countries That Influence Modern Popular Music.” It outlines how the music from countries, Jamaica, India, South Africa, and Iceland, influence the music we currently listen to. The styles of music from those countries is very unique and multicultural. In the US, we don’t realize how much of a melting pot our culture and musical tastes really are. It’s important to be aware of our cultural influences and embrace them. I hope my article can provide insight to my readers about some of these cultural influences present in our modern day musical tastes.

Here’s a video of international South African rap sensation, Die Antwoord, who is known for their outrageous persona and stage presence.



My Instrument Infographic

I made my own instrument infographic for CSU’s Multicultural online magazine, culturs.guru.

From Culturs:

In the 21st century, assessing someone’s background from outward appearance isn’t enough — hidden diversity means people increasingly bring more to the table than meets the eye. Whether through travel, nationality, race or ethnicity, many of us straddle culture in one way or another.

CULTURS global multicultural magazine intends to celebrate the unique perspectives of such people.  Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids, and racially-blended and culturally-blended people can read lifestyle articles and research from their point of view.  One that shows a new-world order — a new normal that affects not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

Check out the articles that are written mostly by my fellow students at culturs.guru!

I included string instruments from Spain, Great Britain, China, India, South America and West Africa.FINALInstrumentInfographicEdits


updated infographic: 3/6/15

CD Baby’s DIY Guide for Musicians


If you’re a musician but don’t know how to promote yourself on a budget, CD Baby has a great guide for musicians with various articles about self-promotion through various digital outlets. I particularly like their article, “If you only have $100 to spend on marketing your music, here’s what to do.” Sponsored facebook posts, google adwords or hiring a writer to rework your bio or a video editor to make a promotional video are all great ways to spend your $100.


Click below to download a great beginner’s guide to marketing your music.


free marketing guide

Sound Tribe Sector 8?

April 12, 2014

STS9- Vail, CO- April 12, 2014

As most of you electronic music fans know, STS9 has recently decided to part ways with their bassist, David Murphy, aka ‘Murph’. This was sad news for many loyal fans such as myself. STS9 has been paving the roads for electronica instrumental artists since 1998. Originally formed in Atlanta, GA, Tribe has since released 11 albums, started self-owned record label, 1320 Records, and supported many non-profit causes such as Conscious Alliance. I was a member of Conscious Alliance at UGA, and our purpose was to help feed the homeless by trading canned goods for art prints or selling the prints. The artwork we sold was made specially for the shows and festivals we were vending at by various artists. All of the money and food raised would go to help a local, Athens-Clarke County shelter.

Sound Tribe brought together a purposeful family of showgoers who loved the music, loved each other, and were willing to volunteer their time for a bigger cause. This is what brought everyone together initially and kept bringing us back together time and time again. I could always go to a show, expect to see friendly, familiar faces, and have a great time. I always had a special connection with ‘Murph’ because we shared the same last name, and let’s face it, everyone loves Murph. I was saddened by the news that he was leaving the band and wondered, what went wrong? Who would fill his shoes? Who would connect and talk to the crowd like he did? These questions kept repeating in my mind until I watched the McDowell Music Festival debut of the “new Tribe.”

Bassist, Alana Rocklin, took over the stage with her vivacious curls and apparent talent. But, did she have that connection with the fans? Would her talent supercede Murph’s charm and stage presence? My initial guess would be no way! No one could ever replace Murph. Much to my surprise, she proved it could be done. She hit all the right notes, successfully played two never released tracks, and her feminine energy complimented the boys nicely.

I ended up going to Vail for the Spring Fever free STS9 show. People kept saying “is this Sound Tribe Sector 8 now?” It was a good show, but nothing to write home about. Polish Ambassador opened with some melodic space tunes. Sound Tribe came on stage, and none of the band members spoke to the crowd! Not one word. I found this a little odd. I think that someone should talk to the audience, but maybe in time they will. They debuted a new song, Click Lang Echo, played another new song, Brand New Day, and lots of old songs including  Grow, Rent, Poseidon, Breath In, and Hidden Hand Hidden Fist. It was an overly crowded show and the music was not nearly loud enough. It was definitely worth the drive and getting through the sea of people to witness their second show with new lady bassist, Alana. I am definitely looking forward to their shows at Red Rocks this September.