My enthusiasm for immersing myself in unexplored cultures, places and experiences is exemplified throughout my photography. I have an eye for detail and take pride in capturing quality photographs and editing them for a variety of platforms, projects and clientele. Travel journalism, photojournalism, and music publicity are fields in which I thrive.

Walk through Dingle- Unpublished (unedited)

Walk through Kilkenny (unedited)

Walk through Dingle- Unpublished (edited)

Walk through Kilkenny (edited)

I captured many beautiful scenic sites during my two and a half week trip through gorgeous Ireland. All photos were taken and edited with an iPhone 6. I particularly liked the perspective and lighting in this photo after I increased the contrast, light and color and cropped the frame. The edit really emphasizes the light ray coming through the trees and the details on the old, overgrown door frame.

Church in London- Unpublished (unedited)

Church in London (unedited)

Church in London- Unpublished (edited)

Church in London (edited)

Changing the photo from color to the monochromatic black and white added a lot of drama to the subject. It also brought out the detail of the aging brick. The sun peaking behind the steeple accentuates the back-lighting and outlines of the clouds. I cropped the people out of the bottom of the frame to attract focus to the church.

All Of This Belongs To You- Unpublished (unedited)

All Of This Belongs To You (unedited)

All Of This Belongs To You- Unpublished (edited)

All Of This Belongs To You (edited)

This photo includes a stunning Dale Chihuly glass sculpture in the middle of Tate Museum in London with the phrase “All Of This Belongs To You” in the background. The illumination of the Catholic altar behind the text is an eye catching focal point. The text reminds us of the value of museum artifacts and their availability to the public. I increased the light via brightness and contrast, slightly cropped the frame and boosted the color, and then I added a chromatic filter to create the final image. The edits makes the three focal points of the image stand out and the colors really pop.

Pano in Germany- Unpublished (edited)

Pano in Germany (edited)

Panoramic shots are my favorite. This photo exemplifies the beauty and simplicity of small towns in Germany, as well as the contrast in the cottages and zen garden. I enhanced the photo, boosted the color, lightened it, and cropped the bottom.

Prehistoric Cliff View- Unpublished (edited)

Prehistoric Cliff View (edited)

This is a photo I took in Ireland at a prehistoric ruins site. The view from the edge of the ruins was breathtaking. I edited this photo by enhancing it on my iPhone, and then I increased light and contrast. I also cropped and zoomed in a bit. These edits highlight the details of the cliff and mountains in the background, as well as boost the color of the water and grass.

Aerial artist, Susan Murphy, during a performance in oak trees

Aerial artist, Susan Murphy, during a performance in the oak trees


These photos of a trapeze performance in a natural setting are simple, yet elegant and showcase my passion for movement and art. The focus of the lens on Susan with the blurred oaks in the background allows the viewer to follow the fluidity of her movements on the trapeze through still-shots.

street art

Street art in Denver

This photo captures my love and appreciation for art and color. There is so much to explore in an urban playground setting like Denver. The revitalized Five Points area has become a vibrant and cultural hot spot. I love the composition, texture and intensity of this piece.


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