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Below is a compilation of my recently published articles. My extensive training with writing in different styles about various subjects allows me to explore many avenues. A few areas of interest are music, design, performance arts, innovation, food and cooking, art, travel, and sustainable and green living.

Artist Profile: Jack Shure

Article published about artist, Jack Sure on

Article published about artist, Jack Sure, on

An artist profile on Jack Shure from Boulder, Colorado for Hype Music Festival online magazine. This feature was released right before Jack’s art showcase, ‘Inner Space Explorer’ in Oakland, California in November 2014. Also interviewed were his best friend and fellow artist, Mike Esparza, as well as his apprentice, in order to create a cohesive and in-depth piece about Jack’s life and art.

All photos are courtesy of Jack Shure.

The following three articles were written for Colorado State University’s online culture magazine, during my fall semester in 2015. The assigned research focus for my articles was music and culture related.

“Four Countries that Influence Modern Pop Music”


There is no doubt that America has some of the most diverse musical influences and talent due to the fact that we are a melting pot of immigrants and traditions. A few of the diversities present in the US include: Creole music and jazz from Louisiana, African roots, blues, and gospel, Nashville country, contemporary R & B, rock and roll’s counterculture, and hip hop from the Bronx, to name a few.

“Record Store Day (April 18th): Vinyl is Back!”

Record Store Day- Article published on

Sales of music on vinyl hit an 18-year high in the UK and have nearly doubled in the US in 2014, however, album sales and digital sales in the US are on the decline overall.

“Beyond The Guitar: String Instruments from Around the Globe”

Worldly Instrument Infographic

global instrument infographic- published on

This infographic was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Content was optimized for online viewing and readability.

All images are creative commons licensed.

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