About Katie

Katie Murphy is a spirited leader and driven team player with exceptional skills in writing, design, photography and organization. She has a broad and comprehensive skill set in event planning, marketing and music business tasks involving booking, management and public relations. She is currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado and is seeking opportunities in marketing, event management and public relations while pursuing her music business career under the LLC, MurphyMusic.

I was born and raised on St. Simons Island, GA and attended school at University of Georgia from June 2008-December 2010. I transferred to Colorado State University in August of 2013 to pursue a major in Journalism and Media Communication and a minor in Business Administration.

The archived blog was originally created for my Computer-Mediated Visual Communication class and was later focused on Digital Promotion Management.  I graduated in December of 2015 with my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and minor in Business Administration.

During the time between attending UGA and CSU, I was a sales representative and social media manager for a gem and mineral company in Colorado. Eventually I started my own company, Murphy Music, working with a Colorado band handling their booking, publicity and management, which included organizing and managing a three-week European tour through Germany and Switzerland. I also was the event organizer for a fundraiser, Canopy of the Oaks, which benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Glynn County’s music program. I planned, promoted, recruited sponsors, and executed the all-day music and arts event for three years on my hometown island of Saint Simons Island, Georgia. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through my photos, stories and work.

~Katie Jane~

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Artwork featured on page is a collaboration by Seth McMahon, Kevin Lowry, Dan Hampe and Rachel Mandala named Quantum Leap via Threyda.com artist collective.


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